Issue 02 : In Tension

Graphic Designer
Cellophane is a new independent magazine that transmits students’  critical voice and experimental approach. Seeing from its name, Cellophane represents the values of transparency and diversity in the thoughts and content, created entirely by students of different study lines and cultures.
The second issue of Cellophane was released in June 2019 entitled “In Tension”. The title refers to the state of being stretched and the feeling of mental and emotional strain. Tension is also the feeling of knowing that something life-changing is about to happen, without knowing what and when. Having these ideas in mind, writers, illustrators and designers work together to tailor the contents of Cellophane.

The theme of tension is pervasive in the articles but it is interpreted in many different ways according to the sensibility of each contributor. From the tensions that are deep-rooted in ‘dark play’ to the problems related to climate change and the impact that it will have on our lives. The tension between the digital and the real, the immaterial and the material, the future and the present are all collected inside the latest issue of Cellophane.