Issue 03 : Incognito

Graphic Designer
Finance Director
Our identity is not fixed. It is dynamic, shaped by the infinite forces that influence us as we move through life. We divide it and keep a part of it for our eyes only, safely behind the mask that we present to the world. Not an N95 or surgical mask, though perhaps that is also advisable depending on where and when you currently are. Our incognito identities are not shameful - it is a side effect of being human. Social beings socialized in a society of social norms. But these norms are changing as being incognito reveals itself to be a privilege rather than a right.

In today’s society of sharing and reacting, how do we ensure the integrity of our tangible and virtual identities? How do we fight against those who threaten to exploit our most personal asset? And what can we do to support those who are forced to be incognito, calling for help as they become invisible? As we create the paradigms of our ever-changing world, we must stay vigilant, continue to ask questions, and take meaningful action.

In this issue of Cellophane, we take a look at the ways in which Incognito manifests itself in today’s culture. We shine a light on stories that float under the surface but deserve to be heard and discussed. We question how technology silently affects our authenticity, intimacy, and connection to the past. What opportunities lie in taking a closer look at the stuff that doesn’t get all the attention? We explore these themes throughout the issue in both form and content as we merge public and private, virtual and real, exposed and incognito.